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The present invention relates to a press forming method with which press forming can be performed by using a plurality of drive sources (such as servo motors) to drive slide plate (pressing plate) and a press machine that can perform press forming operation is employed to carry out press forming while maintaining the horizontal state of the sliding plate. Disclosed is a press forming method, wherein press forming can be effected at high speed while maintaining the horizontal state of a slide plate in press-forming work by a press machine. A press machine for pressing the sliding plate by a plurality of servo motor drive sources is used. In trial forming, the sliding plate is very slowly moved and the delays of the respective drive sources are measured. The respective speeds of the drive sources are corrected according to the magnitude of the delays of the respective drive sources and according to the speed differences from a regular forming speed. Conditions under which pressing can be performed at the fast forming speed suitable for mass production while maintaining the horizontality of the sliding plate to the extent of sufficiently obtaining product accuracy are determined by repeating the trial forming on the basis of the corrected speeds.

Press forming method
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October 7, 2003
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February 21, 2005
Unno Keizo
Futamura Shoji
Hoden Seimitsu Kako Kenkyusho
B30B 015/14