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A press in accordance with the present invention comprises a displacement measuring means for measuring a displacement between a slide plate and a reference plate. A control means measures a positional change for each drive source by the displacement measuring means for each of a plurality of operating stages during a forming operation, detects the specified displacement position of the entire slide plate, extracts control data including correction amounts according to a variation in load on each drive source in correspondence with each drive source to hold the entire slide plate at the specified displacement position and stores in a storage device, and supplies the control data to the drive sources for individual driving. Since the forming operation can be performed by using the control data prepared in a trial forming, the cycle time of the forming operation can be shortened.

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February 13, 2003
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February 1, 2005
Unno Keizo
Futamura Shoji
Hoden Seimitsu Kako Kenkyusho
B30B 015/14