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A multilayer wiring board assembly, a multilayer wiring board assembly component and a method of manufacture thereof are described in which it is possible to easily laminate together flexible FPCs having highly packing densities by via-on-via and chip-on-via. The multilayer wiring board assembly is laminated by laminating together a plurality of multilayer wiring board assembly components, each of which is made by preparing a copper plated resin film 10 made of a copper plated resin film made of a resin film having adhesivity which is provided with a copper foil bonded to one surface thereof and in which a through hole is opened through said copper foil and said resin film, and a conductive paste filler embedded by screen printing in the through hole of said copper plated resin film from said copper foil with a leading end of said conductive paste filler being projected from said resin film.

Multilayer wiring board assembly, multilayer wiring board assembly component and method of manufacture thereof
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July 9, 2002
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January 1, 2004
Nakao Osamu
Itou Shouji
Higuchi Reiji
H05K 003/46
H05K 001/11