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An apparatus and method for integrating the delivery of data from a multiplicity of sources to a set of user electronic devices that present audio, video and digital information to the user is implemented. These devices may include conventional television displays, personal computers, and other conventional audio and video equipment. Information may be received from a multiplicity of sources which may include digital television via terrestrial or satellite broadcast, terrestrial analog radio, and digital data exchanged via a public network, such as the Internet. The mechanism of the present invention receives the multiplicity of data streams, processes them in accordance with each stream's formatting protocols (whether an analog stream, an MPEG Transport Stream, or TCP/IP stream, for example), including any conditional access protocols, and streams the processed data, in multiplexed transport stream to the user's presentation devices via a ""fat"" pipe, such as a FireWireTM bus. A thin client interface decodes the streamed data addressed to its corresponding presentation device.

Apparatus for delivery of multiple media data streams, and method therefor
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April 22, 2002
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January 1, 2004
Cohen Andrew
Mann Daniel
Advanced Micro Devices
H04N 007/24