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The present invention relates to a method of inverse-modified discrete cosine transform (IMDCT) and overlap-add for MPEG (motion picture experts group) layer 3 voice frequency decoding and an apparatus thereof. In order to improve the competitiveness of MPEG layer 3 voice frequency decoder in the consumer market, the present invention presents a low-cost fast algorithm of IMDCT and overlap-add in which the computation volume required for decoding is reduced significantly to improve the system efficiency. Based on the fast algorithm, the present invention further presents an IMDCT and overlap-add apparatus applicable in MPEG layer 3 decoder. As the apparatus allows the realization of MPEG layer 3 decoder by means of application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), the whole system can accomplish the requirements of low cost and high efficiency.

Method of inverse-modified discrete cosine transform and overlap-add for mpeg layer 3 voice signal decoding and apparatus thereof
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December 28, 2001
Publication Date
January 1, 2004
Yang Ya Chau
Tsai Tzung Han
National Central University
H03M 007/00