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The present invention provides a driver for controlling display cycle of OLED and its method. The driver includes: a current buffer, a switch unit and PWM gray-level control unit. The current buffer is connected to a current source providing a constant current. The switch unit is connected to a precharge voltage source, the current buffer and an analog ground, and has an output terminal connected to the OLED. The PWM gray-level control unit is connected to a memory and the switch unit for receiving a start signal and then performing gray-level display control based on an image data transmitted from the memory. The gray-level control method performs rational partition on gray-level display time based on the display level in the display cycle, and respectively corresponds to a ratio based on the gray-level value corresponding to the image data. After receiving the image data, the driver performs conducting time control for the current buffer and OLED based on the corresponding gray-level display time, thereby achieving the purpose of gray-level display control.

Driver for controlling display cycle of oled and its method
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August 5, 2002
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January 1, 2004
Peng Jen Chun
Etoms Electronics
G09G 003/20