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A specific nano-interfacial structure is fabricated from self-organization, which induced, by chemical kinetics differences between reactants in a sputtering process. The self-organized nano-interface has nano-scale size and gradual composition variation. The self-organized nano-interface possesses itself electric property that is different to the both sides of the nano-interface. Using the differential electric properties of self-organized nano-interface and its both sides, the nano-interfacial structure shows properties of a diode by rectifiable effect in an electric potential specific range. Reproducing the self-organized nano-interface to form the nano-scale multi-layer structure, that will be applied to double barrier resonant tunneling diode, resonant tunneling transistor, and so on. The applications of the nano-interfacial structure for manufacturing diodes, transistors, light-emitters and sonic devices, have the advantage of extensively material options, easier production controlling, higher production compatibility and lower cost.

Self-organized nano-interfacial structure applied to electric device
Application Number
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Application Date
December 20, 2002
Publication Date
January 1, 2004
Liao Sheng Ju
Huang Yi Ping
Chen Chiung Hsiung
Chang Huai Luh
Lu Jong Hong
Industrial Technology Research Institute
B81B 007/00