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A strong, porous article useful as a bone substitute material and having an outer surface defining a shape having a bulk volume and having open interconnecting interstices extending throughout said volume and opening through said surface. The article comprises a continuous strong framework structure having interstices which interconnect througout the bulk volume and a second continuous material occupying at least a portion of the same bulk volume as the framework structure. The second material comprises an osteoinductive and/or osteoconductive composition. This composition may be present in one of several forms. One of these is as a coating on the surface of the framework structure. A second form is in the form of a composite, intimately mixed with the framework material within the framework struts. The third form is as a porous mass within the interstices of the framework structure, having pores which are interconnecting with themselves, and with the interstices of the framework structure. Desirably, the porous osteoinductiveor osteoconductive composition extends throughout said bulk volume. In a preferred embodiment, the framework structure is formed of a ceramic material. In a further embodiment, the framework structure may be further structurally reinforced with a dense material component integrally affixed thereto.

Strong, porous article useful as a bone substitute material and method for making the same
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October 1, 1998
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April 1, 2002
Johnson James R
Marx Jeffrey G
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