The present invention relates to a method and a device for measuring the steady state and transient state void fraction in gas/liquid double phase flow stratification in a horizontal pipe, which can overcome the problem that a commercial - or X-ray densitometer of measuring double phase void fraction is not suitable in a flow stratification environment. The present invention provides a method and a device for effectively preventing the phenomena of flow flashing leading to signal distortion caused by system pressure transient state on pressure-based instruments, such as level meter, flow meter, pressure differential meter, pressure gage, etc. Compared to an X- or -ray densitometer dedicated for measurement of void fraction, the device according to the present invention has advantages such as a lower price, higher accuracy, less space, no radiation, easy in calibration, and without the need of professional operator, etc. The measurement of the void fraction according to the present invention uses a pressure signal pipe to be connected directly to the top end and bottom end of a horizontal pipe, and converts the measured flow stratification level height into a void fraction.

Method and device for void fraction measurement and adverse output signal mitigation on pressure-base instruments
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August 20, 1999
Publication Date
December 21, 2000
Liou Tai Jian
Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research Rocaec
G01N 003/12