A method and system for creating a customized animal feed is disclosed. The method and system include having ingredient data from more than one location, animal data, and evaluation data. The specifications for a customized feed are generated using ingredient data representative of the mix of ingredients available at one or more locations. A customized feed is generated which is designed to fulfill the nutritional requirements for the animals diet. The nutritional requirements are derived from the animal data. Furthermore, the feed is optimized to fulfil the requirements of the evaluation criteria. Evaluation criteria such as (i) animal production rate, (ii) the cost of feed per unit animal weight gain, and (iii) the feed weight per unit animal weight gain, are then utilized together with the feed data and animal data to provide a customized feed which has been generated based upon evaluation data which is representative of one or more of the evaluation criteria.

Computer system for determining a customized animal feed
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November 9, 2007
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December 6, 2007
Oedekoven Mark A
Cook David A
Peterson Loren
Knudson Brian J
Burghardi Steve R
Can Technologies
G06F 19/00