PURPOSE: An ultra thin type greening system is provided to relieve the structural burden of a building occurring by additional live load, and to secure air permeability and to promote the growth of plants by forming vent holes sufficiently to a drain board and a seedbed. CONSTITUTION: An ultra thin type greening system comprises a drain board(300) formed vertically and horizontally by spacing out a plurality of cone fixing portions(310) having a peripheral portion(312) projected to the lower part at regular intervals, an anchorage cone(400) composed of a bottom anchorage portion(410) inserted to a central portion(314) except the peripheral portion of the cone fixing portion and a vertical support(420) at the center of the bottom anchorage portion, a box shaped seedbed(500) opened at the top with four corners contacted to each vertical support, and a washer(600) coupled through the upper side of the vertical support on the upper part of the seedbed adjacent to the vertical support of the anchorage cone.

Ultra thin type rooftop greening system for offering a planting apparatus capable of securing water containing and draining efficiencies
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
August 10, 2007
Publication Date
February 13, 2009
Kunio Tajima
Yoshiaki Goto
Jeong Joon Rae
Cheong Yoon Sup
Kim Cheol Min
A01G 01/00
E04D 11/00