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PURPOSE: A remote integrated recording method and a system for the same are provided to enable an operator to easily recognize the status of a remote computer by providing a moving picture containing status record information according to the system state of the remote computer. CONSTITUTION: A remote integrated recording system consists of at least one remote computer(100) and an operator computer(200). The remote computer(100), connected with the operator computer(200) through the Internet or an intra-office network, comprises a remote support server(110). The remote support server(110) captures the screen images displayed on the monitor of the remote computer(100) and periodically transmits the captured screen images to the operator computer(200). The operator computer(200) comprises a remote recording client(210). The remote recording client(210) receives the screen images transmitted from the remote support server(110) and creates a moving picture file through recording.

Remote integrated recording method and a system for the same, particularly for executing screen capture through a remote support server at high speed when the load rate of a cpu is low
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April 5, 2007
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December 31, 2007
Kim Jae Hong
Kim Jae Hong
G06F 15/16
H04Q 09/00