The electric device (100) according to the invention has a resistor comprising a layer (7, 107) of a phase change material which is changeable between a first phase with a first electrical resistivity and a second phase with a second electrical resistivity different from the first electrical resistivity. The phase change material is a fast growth material. The electric device (100) further comprises a switching signal generator (400) for switching the resistor between at least three different electrical resistance values by changing a corresponding portion of the layer (7, 107) of the phase change material from the first phase to the second phase.

Electric device comprising phase change material
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September 26, 2006
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January 9, 2007
Widdershoven Franciscus P
Wolters Robertus A M
Meinders Erwin R
Lankhorst Martijn H R
Koninklijke Philips Electronics
H01L 45/00
H01L 27/24