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PURPOSE: A shock-absorbing shoe is provided to absorb and mediate shoe given to users foot when the user walks or runs, and to enable the user to put on the shoe comfortably for a long period of time. CONSTITUTION: In a shoe(S) having a bottom piece(1), the bottom piece(1) is divided into two parts: an upper bottom piece(10) and a lower bottom piece(20). Corresponding buffering spaces(11,21) are respectively formed on a lower part of the upper bottom piece(10) and on an upper part of the lower bottom piece(20). Plural air cushion protrusions(22) having spaces(22a) are respectively arranged on the front side and on an upper part of the rear side of the lower bottom piece(20). The upper ends of the air cushion protrusions(22) come in contact with the lower part of the upper bottom piece(10).

Shock-absorbing shoe which absorbs shock given to users foot, reduces fatigue of users foot and doubles the exercising amount
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November 13, 2006
Publication Date
August 31, 2007
Yang Hee Woon
A43B 13/18
A43B 07/32