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PURPOSE: A game machine is provided to prevent a lottery game from being executed if a player does not exist, as the predetermined time is passed with holding an output signal output from an operation detecting unit by fixing an input operation unit. CONSTITUTION: A game machine(1) is composed of an input operation unit executing input operations for starting a game; an operation detecting unit changing an output signal on the basis of input operations of the input operation unit; and a game control unit starting a lottery game on the basis of the change of the output signal. The game control unit comprises a lottery game starting unit starting a new lottery game when a lottery game is not under execution, if the game control unit detects that the input operation unit is operated, on the basis of the output signal and a lottery game execution restricting unit restraining execution of a lottery game if the predetermined time is elapsed, while the input operation of the input operation unit is detected.

Game machine for executing a game only when a player operates the game machine to start a game really
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August 18, 2006
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December 31, 2007
Shimizu Yoichi
A63F 13/10
A63F 05/04