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PURPOSE: A support for a fishing rod is provided to prevent a fishing rod from being pulled into water by using a simple constitution, to remove the risk of loss of the fishing rod, and to move a fishing point without moving a fishing rod. CONSTITUTION: A support for a fishing rod includes a placement unit(200) and a support unit(900). The placement unit includes a placement rod(210) and a fishing rod attaching grip(300) coupled to the end of the placement rod. A recess is formed on one end of the placement rod on which a fisher is placed. A permanent magnet member(220) for fixing the fishing rod is installed on the recess to be integrally coupled to the placement rod. The fishing rod attaching grip made of a metal material is installed on the permanent magnet member by the magnetic force, and a holding part(310) is formed on the fishing rod attaching grip.

Support for a fishing rod, which makes the adjustment of an angle and height of a placement unit easy to move a fishing point without moving a fishing rod
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August 3, 2006
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December 31, 2007
Cho Do Young
Cho Do Young
A01K 97/11
A01K 97/10