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PURPOSE: A de-cladding machine for irradiated nuclear fuel is provided to cut a metal nuclear fuel rod or de-clad with a different width by exchanging a bite inside a hot cell. CONSTITUTION: A de-cladding machine for irradiated nuclear fuel includes a base(10), a workpiece clamping unit(20), a workpiece cutting unit(40), a driving unit, and a workpiece depth adjusting unit(60). The workpiece clamping unit(20) is installed on the base(10), and has a plurality of vice units. Metal nuclear fuel rods are fixed on the vice units. The workpiece cutting unit(40) is arranged to face the workpiece clamping unit(20), and has a rotary plate(37) which controls the angles of bites(35). The driving unit has a motor giving a rotary force to the workpiece cutting unit(40). The workpiece depth adjusting unit(60) includes rotary levers(62), a taper rod(65), and a forward/backward movement control unit(70). The taper rod(65) is formed between the rotary levers(62). The forward/backward movement control unit(70) controls the insertion depth of the taper rod(65) between the rotary levers(62).

De-cladding machine for irradiated nuclear fuel, capable of performing process without radioactive irradiation by using remote automation process
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June 29, 2006
Publication Date
August 31, 2007
Park Dae Gyu
Ahn Sang Bok
Baik Seung Je
Oh Wan Ho
Kim Ki Ha
Kim Hee Moon
Jung Yang Hong
Kim Do Sic
Choo Young Sun
Hong Kwon Pyo
Yoo Byoung Ok
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
G21C 19/34
G21C 19/36