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PURPOSE: A LAN(Local Area Network) repeater based on PoE(Power over Ethernet) and a PoE hybrid repeater are provided to reduce remarkably the cost of construction by using an eight-line UTP(Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable without wiring an additional cable. CONSTITUTION: A LAN repeater based on PoE includes a signal separating unit, a first regenerating unit, a second regenerating unit, a signal combining unit, and a clock offering unit. The signal separating unit separates a power signal and a data signal inputted from a PoE hub together. The first regenerating unit converts the separated analog data signal into a digital signal for regenerating the digital signal by using the separated power signal. The second regenerating unit converts the data signal converted into the digital signal through the first regenerating unit into a signal in an analog state which is able to be transmitted to an UTP cable. The signal combining unit combines the data signal converted into the analog signal through the second regenerating unit and the power signal to transmit the combined signal through the UTP cable. The clock offering unit offers a clock signal requested on the first and second regenerating units.

Local area network repeater based on power over ethernet and power over ethernet hybrid repeater, particularly for transmitting ethernet data signal to maximum 200 meter by simply regenerating local area network
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June 26, 2006
Publication Date
August 31, 2007
Kim Geun Ho
Metis Communication
H04L 12/46
H04L 25/52