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PURPOSE: A color rim protector is provided to enhance an external appearance of a vehicle as well an external appearance of a tire by allowing a rim protector that protects a rim flange to have various colors. CONSTITUTION: A color rim protector(40) is formed between a bead section(30) and a side section(20) of a tire. The color rim protector(40) has various colors, such as red, blue and yellow, and is made from rubber composition. The color rim protector(40) not only protects a bead section of the tire, but also improve an external appearance of the side section of the tire. The color rim protector(40) has a color matching with a color of a vehicle or a color of a wheel cover of the vehicle, thereby improving the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

Color rim protector of tire capable of improving aesthetic appearance of lateral side of tire by printing rim protector with various colors
Application Number
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Application Date
February 28, 2006
Publication Date
August 31, 2007
Ma Sang Moon
Kim Seong Min
Cho Chi Hoon
Kumho Tire Co
B60B 21/12
B60C 13/00