PURPOSE: A colon hydrotherapy equipment is provided to clean the colon more safely and precisely by controlling a temperature, a pressure, a spray strength, and a spray speed of cleaning water that is injected into the anus, and setting and supplying a certain quantity of water accurately. CONSTITUTION: The colon hydrotherapy equipment includes: a clean water filter part(3) comprising four-stage clean water filters coupled to a pressure control valve; two hot water tanks(5) arranged in parallel on an output line of the clean water filter part, and coupled to respective motor driving valves; a washing water injecting pump(10) and a sensor module block(14) coupled in series to an output line of the hot water tanks; and an anus insertion nozzle coupled to an output line of the sensor module block through a hose coupler. The sensor module block has a flux sensor, a pressure sensor, and a temperature sensor.

Colon hydrotherapy equipment for automatically supplying and blocking certain quantity and temperature of water, and controlling water pressure, spray strength, and spray speed
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February 2, 2006
Publication Date
January 30, 2007
Yoo Byung Eun
Yoo Byung Eun
A61M 03/00
A61M 03/02