PURPOSE: An antenna apparatus for estimating a direction of arrival and a frequency of arrival and an estimating method thereof are provided to estimate the direction of arrival and the frequency of arrival by using a three-dimensional antenna array structure and to reduce operation complexity in comparison with SVD(singular value decomposition) and EVD(cross spectral matrix eigenvalue decomposition). CONSTITUTION: An antenna unit(200,202,224) includes three array antennas composed in a three-dimensional manner. A signal reception unit(300) receives a narrow band signal from the antenna unit and transmits the narrow band signal to a matrix calculation unit(302). The matrix calculation unit calculates a data matrix or a mutual spectrum matrix by using the received signal. A matrix decomposition unit(304) decomposes the data matrix or the mutual spectrum matrix. A propagator estimated matrix calculation unit(306) calculates the propagator estimated matrix by using the data matrix or the mutual spectrum matrix. A propagator estimated matrix decomposition unit(308) decomposes the propagator estimated matrix. A phase matrix estimation unit(310) estimates a phase matrix by using the propagator estimated matrix. An estimation unit(312) estimates a directional of arrival, a vertical angle, and a frequency of arrival by using the phase matrix.

Antenna apparatus for estimating direction of arrival and frequency of arrival and estimating method thereof, using three array antennas
Application Number
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January 3, 2006
Publication Date
July 26, 2007
Nizar Tayem
Kwon Hyuck
Kang Dong Hee
Min Seung Hyun
Samsung Electronics
H01Q 21/22
H01Q 03/24
H01Q 03/26