A semiconductor device whose package size is nearly the same as the size of a chip, which has a stress absorbing layer, which does not require a flexible substrate, and which can be manufactured in a large number at the same time. A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device includes a process wherein electrodes (12) are formed on a wafer (10), a process wherein a resin layer (14) is formed as a stress reducing layer on the wafer (10) except for the parts where the electrodes (12) are formed, a process wherein a chrome layer (16) is formed as an interconnect on the whole surface of the wafer (10) including the electrodes (12) and the resin layer (14), a process wherein solder balls are formed as external electrodes on parts of the chrome layer (16) which are formed on the resin layer (14), and a process wherein the wafer (10) is diced to semiconductor chips. In the processes for forming the chrome layer (16) and for forming the solder balls, a metal thin film deposition technology used in the wafer process of semiconductor manufacturing is employed.

Electronic component and semiconductor device, method for manufacturing and mounting thereof, and circuit board and electronic equipment
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June 7, 2005
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June 29, 2005
Hashimoto Nobuaki
Seiko Epson Corporation
H01L 21/60