A field-effect light-emitting device having a long- term reliability and a wide selectivity of emission wavelength. A light- emitting device of field-effect transistor type comprises an electron injection electrode, namely, a source electrode, a hole injection electrode, namely, a drain electrode, an emission activation member disposed between the source and drain electrodes in contact with both electrodes, and a field application electrode, namely, a gate electrode for producing electrons and holes in the emission activation member. The emission activation member is made of an organic semiconductor material having both electron and hole transporting capabilities.

Light-emitting device of field-effect transistor type
Application Number
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August 19, 2004
Publication Date
September 6, 2004
Yanagita Hiroaki
Tani Yuki
Kobayashi Satoshi
Kawazoe Hiroshi
Hoya Corporation
H01L 33/00