PURPOSE: A method and a system for preventing the illegal duplication of digital contents using the file system information data are provided to prevent file copy in the same system, the duplication to a mobile storage, and the duplication/distribution through the LAN(Local Area Network) or the Internet by encrypting/inserting the file system information data into the digital contents. CONSTITUTION: A client side file system insertion manager(1040) transmits a file system information inserter(500) to the digital contents downloaded to a client from a contents proving server, synchronizes the file system information inserter provided to the client with the contents proving server, and manages the encryption and the insertion of the file system information data. A client contents manager(1050) manages the digital contents information data provided to the client and receives the information data that the file system information data is normally inserted into the digital contents from the file system information inserter.

Method and system for preventing illegal duplication of digital contents by inserting encrypted file system information data
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
August 23, 2004
Publication Date
September 6, 2004
Kwon Bong Gi
Kim Jae Hyeong
Hong Jong Cheol
G06F 15/00
G06F 17/00