PURPOSE: A forming method is provided to press-form at a proper forming speed for a mass production while maintaining the horizon of a slide plate. CONSTITUTION: A work is pre-formed(2) by setting the falling speed of plural driving sources low or equally(1). The speed of each driving source is adjusted by calculating the increment of the speed to reduce or equalize a delay difference from an indicated displacement with a certain value(3,4,5). The speed of each driving source is increased to fit the speed of the driving source to a target speed at a formal forming(6,7,8,9,10). The speed of each driving source is adjusted to close the target speed of the formal forming(11). The delay difference between the driving sources is reduced than the certain value(12). Thereby, the forming is performed in a short time while maintaining the slide plate horizontally.

Press forming method to press while driving slide plate with servo motor and horizontally maintaining slide plate with press machine
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 22, 2003
Publication Date
April 30, 2004
Unno Keizo
Futamura Shoji
Institute Of Technology Precision Electrical Discharge Works
B30B 15/20