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PURPOSE: A traffic sign installation structure is provided to prevent a change in the setting position of a sign caused by a strong wind and to prevent breakage of the sign caused by a vehicle collision. CONSTITUTION: A traffic sign installation structure includes a pillar(10) comprising a lower pillar(12) and an upper pillar(13); a sign(20) of synthetic resin having a pillar pocket(21) for inserting the upper end of the upper pillar to the rear; and plural bolts(16) fastened through the pillar pocket of the sign and the upper end of the upper pillar. The lower end of the lower pillar is fixed to the edge of a road by foundation concrete. The lower end of the upper pillar is inserted in the lower pillar and is fixed by plural screws(30). A reinforcing bead is protruded on the front edge of the sign. Particulars are written down on the inner area of the reinforcing bead.

Traffic sign installation structure, minimizing breakage of sign caused by vehicle collision and minimizing occurrence of accident caused by breakage of sign
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October 21, 2003
Publication Date
September 6, 2004
Kang Sung Ku
Woojeon Green
E01F 09/00