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PURPOSE: An input device for a mobile communication terminal is provided to realize a slim mobile communication terminal by simply sensing contact of a user through an optical sensor without complex mechanical sensing composition. CONSTITUTION: A plurality of optical sensors(110) are mounted on a printed circuit board(105) installed inside a main body(100) at predetermined gaps. If a folder part(200) is opened, the plurality of optical sensors(110) emit light, pointing to a front of the main body(100) to detect whether an object accesses a surface of the main body(100). A light transmission element(125) is installed at the front of the main body(100) at a position corresponding to the optical sensors(110), and is made of a light transmissive material for transmitting light of each optical sensor(110) out of the main body(100). A light shield element(120) is installed on the front of the main body(100) to shield a circumference of the light transmission element(125) from the outside, and is made of an obscure material to irradiate light of the optical sensors(110) to the outside only through the light transmission element(125).

Input device for mobile communication terminal, capable of simply sensing contact of user through optical sensor
Application Number
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Application Date
April 7, 2003
Publication Date
October 15, 2004
Park Jin Hwan
Curitel Communications
H04M 01/23