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PURPOSE: A heat exchanger with a supercritical pressure cycle is provided to improve the heat-exchanging efficiency of the heat exchanger by cutting off conductive heat-transfer between front and rear heat-transfer units of a fin for the heat exchanger. CONSTITUTION: A heat exchanger with a supercritical pressure cycle is composed of first and second header pipes apart from each other at the predetermined gap with parallel and having at least two compartments arranged in a line; a plurality of radiating tubes for flowing refrigerants and forming at least two slabs and the compartments of the first and second header pipes by communicating the compartments facing each other; refrigerant inlet and outlet pipes formed at the sides of the header pipes; a return hole for communicating the adjacent compartments formed in the header pipes to the flow of the refrigerant to flow the refrigerant flowing from the refrigerant inlet pipe at a unit of slab; and a plurality of wave-shaped heat exchanger fins(30) installed between the tubes. A heat transfer cut-off unit(35) is formed at a connecting part(34) of the slabs to cut off heat transfer between the slabs.

Heat exchanger with supercritical pressure cycle
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January 24, 2003
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July 30, 2004
Park Chang Ho
Lee Jun Gang
Jun Gil Ung
Han In Cheol
Halla Climate Control
F28F 13/00