PURPOSE: A VTOA(Voice and Telephony Over ATM) gateway system and a method for processing an ISDN D channel message therein are provided to process an ISDN D channel message using AAL 5 without the necessity of additional hardware and software for ISDN D channel message processing. CONSTITUTION: A plurality of ISDN terminals(10) are connected with a local exchange(40) through an ATM network. The first interworking unit(20), located between the ISDN terminals(10) and the ATM network, transmits ISDN D channel messages from ISDN terminals(10) to the ATM network through ISDN subscriber interfacing and ATM interfacing. The second interworking unit(30), located between the ATM network and the local exchange(40), receives ISDN D channel messages from the ATM network through ATM interfacing and local exchange interfacing and transfers them to the local exchange(40). The first interworking unit(20) consists of an ISDN subscriber access part(21), an ATM access part(22), and a main processor(23). The ISDN subscriber access part(21) executes ISDN UNI interfacing with the ISDN terminals(10) and layer 2 signal processing. The ATM access part(22) executes physical interfacing with the ATM network and AAL 5 cell processing. The main processor(23) executes the message conversion and control between the ISDN subscriber access part(21) and the ATM access part(22) through IPC(InterProcess Communication) that an OS(Operating System) supports.

Vtoa gateway system and method for processing isdn d channel message therein
Application Number
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March 23, 2002
Publication Date
September 29, 2003
Choi Bong Geun
Lg Electronics
H04L 12/66