The invention is directed to a composition and method for the treatment and prevention of inflammation in general. The composition is an egg product obtained from an avian which has been hyperimmunized with no immunogenic mixture. The invention is further directed to an anti- inflammatory composition which has been partially purified from a hyperimmunized egg. The partially purified anti-inflammatory composition, when administered to a subject animal is effective in treating and preventing inflammation.

Egg anti-inflammatory composition and method of treating and preventing inflammation
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July 18, 2001
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November 14, 2001
Xing Ruye
Iyer Subramanian
Lee Young Zoon
Hunchar Jeffrey G
Greenblatt Hellen Chaya
Fitzpatrick Mcelligott Sandra
Daley Michael J
Adalsteinsson Orn
Beck Lee R
Arkion Life Sciences
A61K 35/54