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PURPOSE: An electronic apparatus comprising a display device which forms a control button is provided to realize maximum functions to be controlled by a user in a simple and rapid manner at less cost. CONSTITUTION: A housing(12) has a window(50) passed through by a display device(52) such as a liquid crystal display device(52) at its one wall. The housing(12) accommodates at least the first electric switch(74) which permits the modification of the electric state of an associated control circuit, such as a control circuit for the display device(52). The display device(52) has at least an external control part(66) to which a user applies a control force, and an internal activation part(68) of which an activation surface(70) cooperates with a trigger element(72) of the first electric switch(74). The display device(52) is movably arranged relative to the housing(12) between a rest position and an activation position in which the activation part(68) cooperates with the trigger element(72) of the switch(74).

Electronic apparatus comprising display device which forms control button
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December 24, 2001
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July 4, 2002
Flegeo Arnaud
Koninklijke Philips Electronics
H04B 01/38