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PURPOSE: A PLL(Phase Locked Loop) with a differential frequency current converter is provided to perform a tracking operation within a short time by detecting a frequency difference as well as a phase difference. CONSTITUTION: A frequency demultiplier(100) received a feedback output signal and divides the feedback output signal into arbitrary frequencies. A phase comparator(110) receives input signals from an outside and the feedback signal from the frequency demultiplier(100) and detects a phase difference. A charge pump(120) receives the phase difference from the phase comparator(110) and performs a charge operation or a discharge operation. A differential frequency current converter(200) receives the input signal and the feedback signal and compares a frequency of the input signal and a frequency of the feedback signal. A loop filter(130) receives an output signal from the differential frequency current converter(200) and removes a frequency component from the output signal of the charge pump(120). A voltage controlled oscillator(140) generates an output frequency proportional to the loop filter(130).

Pll with differential frequency current converter
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
June 30, 2000
Publication Date
January 10, 2002
Jung Min Su
Hynix Semiconductor
H03L 07/087