PURPOSE: An assembled-type semiconductor device enables reduction in cost or improvement in reliability in junction between chips or between a chip and a circuit board. CONSTITUTION: The assembled-type semiconductor device comprises a first semiconductor device (10) including a semiconductor chip (12) having an electrode (16), a stress relaxation layer (14) provided on the semiconductor chip (12), a wiring (18) formed from the electrode (16) onto the stress relaxation layer (14), and a solder ball (19) formed on the wiring (18) on the stress relaxation layer (14), and a bare chip (20) as a second semiconductor device electrically joined with the first semiconductor device (10).

Electronic component and semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, circuit board have the same mounted thereon, and electronic equipment having the circuit board
Application Number
Publication Number
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November 3, 1998
Publication Date
February 25, 2000
Hashimoto Nobuaki
Seiko Epson Corporation
H01L 23/522