PURPOSE: A disjointing device of a door regulator handle for a vehicle is provided to ease a disjointing work of a door regulator handle and to prevent the damage of a washer or a door regulator handle in disjointing work, by mounting a working lever, which releases a clip of a washer through the rotary movement. CONSTITUTION: A disjointing device of a door regulator handle comprises: a door regulator to lift and lower a window glass by the rotation of a rotary shaft(2a); a washer(100), where a working lever(112) is hinged inserting a spring(114), to form a working groove(120), which includes a penetrated hole(122), and an entry hole(126) so that the working lever goes in and out the working groove; a door regulator handle to form a boss(210) having a fixed groove(212) and to correspond to a supporting groove(2b) of the rotary shaft; a clip(300) to be inserted between a supporting hole and a supporting groove, to fix a door regulator handle(200), and to be separated from the boss by the rotation of the working lever.

Disjointing device of door regulator handle for vehicle
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 27, 1997
Publication Date
May 31, 1999
Sim Jae Cheol
Daewoo Motor
B60J 05/04