PURPOSE: A rotavator is provided to eliminate the length limitation of the rotavator by allowing the rotavator to be folded using a hydraulic cylinder, thereby being improved the working efficiency of the rotavator. CONSTITUTION: A frame(2) having a heeler(7), a heeler cover(9), a driving shaft(5) is divided into two parts, and each part of the frame are coupled to both lower ends of a strut(3) by a hinge. A hydraulic cylinder(22) for rotating the frame is installed on a side end of the frame and a side of the strut. Both ends of an output shaft(23) installed in a gearbox(4) is coupled to a driving shaft(5) via a universal shaft(24) of variable length. Since the strut has a spreading locker(26) and a folding locker(28) for fixing a spreading position or a folding position of the frame and the frame has a projection(38) for engaging the lockers, the frame is capable of being folded on the top of the strut if necessary. A locking panel is coupled to a bracket(30) by a hinge, and is supported by a spring. A wire is connected to the locking panel and a lever(40) installed on the top of the strut for rotating the locking panel. The locking between frame and the strut is released by the actuating of the lever.

Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
September 5, 1997
Publication Date
May 31, 1999
Sun Kwang Joo
Sun Kwang Joo
A01B 33/00