A method of forming a filed oxide layer of a semiconductor device includes the steps of sequentially forming a pad oxide layer 2, first silicon nitride layer 3, first oxide layer 4, second silicon nitride layer 5 and second oxide layer 6 on a silicon substrate 1, coating and patterning a photoresist layer 7 thereon to define a field region, removing the second oxide layer 6 and second nitride layer 5 on the field region using the photoresist pattern 7, depositing a hemispherical polysilicon 8 on the overall surface of the substrate and etching a portion of the hemispherical polysilicon using blanket etch to form remnant hemispherical polysilicon 8A, etching the first oxide layer 4, first silicon nitride layer 3 and pad oxide layer 2 using the remnant hemispherical polysilicon 8A as an etch barrier to form a remnant oxide layer 4A, etching the exposed silicon substrate 1 in the field region to a predetermined depth using the remnant oxide layer 4A as an etch barrier to form a plurality of fine trenches 9, removing the remnant oxide layer and second oxide layer 6, performing oxidation and removing the second silicon nitride layer, first oxide layer, first silicon nitride layer and pad oxide layer to form a field oxide layer 10.

Method of forming filed oxide layer of semiconductor device
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September 6, 1994
Publication Date
November 29, 1997
Kwon Sung Ku
Hyundai Electronic
H01L 21/76