PURPOSE: A bulk cement truck is provided to rapidly and simply carry the bulk cement from a producing district to a demanding district. CONSTITUTION: The bulk cement truck comprises : a car body(1) ; a loading tank(2) loading cement ; a compressor(3) for discharging cement ; a manhole(4) installed in the upper loading tank to input cement ; a pipe(5) for pressing the tank that is connected to the compressor ; an opening and shutting valve(6) for pressing that is installed in the pipe for pressing to control pressing force ; a pipe(7) for discharging that is installed in the lower loading tank ; an opening and shutting valve(8) for discharging that is installed in the pipe(7) for discharging to controls the discharge ; and a manometer(9) checking the pressure of the loading tank by installing in the pipe for pressing. Therefore, the truck can carry, load and unload the bulk cement rapidly and simply and then reduce the working cost.

Bulk cement truck
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
July 13, 1994
Publication Date
November 29, 1997
Sun Soo Yup
Kim Myung Ryong
Asia Motors
B60P 03/22