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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a spindle motor having a structure in which a part connecting a coil wire and a flexible circuit board is less likely to disconnect due to micro-vibration or the like.SOLUTION: The spindle motor has the connecting part which is made by making the coil wire 17 pass through a through-hole 15c formed in a base 15 from a stator core 18 fixed to the base 15, and soldering the coil wire 17 to a land part 24b formed in the flexible circuit board 24. By forming an outer circumference F of a soldered part 25 greater than a radius E of the through-hole 15c of the base 15, it is possible to prevent the coil wire 17 from disconnecting due to micro-vibration, such as ultrasonic cleaning.

Spindle motor
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October 31, 2007
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May 21, 2009
Shirai Akihito
Maekawa Kazunori
H02K 05/04
G11B 19/20