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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a solid-state image pickup device having a high waveguide effect and capable of easily forming the waveguide, and to provide its manufacturing method.SOLUTION: The solid-state image pickup device comprises a plurality of pixels 50; a multilayer interconnection layer 54 with an interconnection 53 of a plurality of layers formed on the plurality of pixels 50 through an interlayer insulating film 52; and a waveguide 65 for guiding an incident light to a photoelectric converting unit PD of the pixel. The waveguide 65 has a core part of a first layer 63 having the predetermined refractive index regulated by a canopy part 61a formed at the multilayer interconnection layer 54, and a clad part of a void layer 64 formed between the first layer 63 and the multilayer interconnection layer 54.

Solid-state image pickup device and its manufacturing method
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February 26, 2007
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September 11, 2008
Maruyama Shunsuke
H01L 27/14