PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a beam position measuring device for accelerator, which has high accuracy and high reproducibility by eliminating the influence of noise, and can ensure, when a plurality of beam position measuring means in a large-scale accelerator are set, synchronization of the respective beam position measurement signals.SOLUTION: An analog signal processing circuit 21 comprises a thermostatic bath 401, the thermostatic bath being divided into a signal processing part thermostatic bath 407 storing a signal processing circuit and a temperature sensor 403 and a temperature adjustment thermostatic bath 408 containing a heating element 402, the temperature adjustment thermostatic bath 408 being arranged with a distance from the signal processing part thermostatic bath 407, and both the thermostatic baths being connected by conduits 409A and 409B; a blowing device 410 disposed on the conduits; and a power source 404, a heating element switch 405 and a temperature control circuit 406 disposed out of the thermostatic bath 401. A temperature monitor signal from the temperature sensor 304 is input to the temperature control circuit 406, and an opening and closing instruction is output from the temperature control circuit 406 to the heating element switch 405.

Beam position measuring device for accelerator
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March 7, 2007
Publication Date
September 6, 2007
Nakada Takeshi
Tsuzuki Naohisa
Yagi Takao
Toshiba Syst Technol
H01J 37/04
G01T 07/00
G01T 01/29
H05H 13/04