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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method of manufacturing a solid-state imaging device capable of enlarging the dimension of an in-layer lens by forming the lens in self align for the base, and to provide the solid-state imaging device and a camera.SOLUTION: The manufacturing method of a solid-state imaging device has a process of forming a photoelectric conversion element 21 and an active element 22 on a substrate 20; a process of repeatedly forming wiring layers M1, M2 and cap layers 26, 29 on an upper layer of the substrate 20; a process of eliminating a layer to the lowermost cap layer 26 in a region of the photoelectric conversion layer 21 to form a lens embedding portion 30; a process of covering the surface of the lens embedding portion 30 to form a lens shape adjusting film 31 for adjusting the shape of the lens embedding portion 30; and a process of embedding a lens material into a lens embedding portion 30a having the shape adjusted by the adjusting film 31.

Method of manufacturing of solid-state imaging device, solid-state imaging device and camera
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September 22, 2005
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April 5, 2007
Maruyama Shunsuke
Itonaga Soichiro
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