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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a subjacent type field light emitting module capable of easily configuring field light emitting devices of various scales and shapes without changing the design of a drive section in accordance with a power supply capacity and a field light emitting device using the same.SOLUTION: The field light emitting module 1 is provided with a plurality of LED's 2, a silicone 3 that seals a plurality of the LED's 2, wiring 4 for connecting the LED's 2, a substrate 5 that mounts a plurality of the LED's 2, a support member 6 that loads a plurality of the substrates 5 and reflects light emitted from a plurality of the LED's 2, and the drive section 7 that supplies current and signals for driving the LED's 2. An enlarged field light source of various scales and shapes can be easily configured by combining a plurality of the field light emitting modules 1. The power supply capacity of each drive section does not vary with the size of a device if enlarged because the drive section 7 is provided at each field light emitting module. Further, electric power-saving can be attained by arranging a configuration such that the LED's are connected in series to operate the device at a fixed current drive.

Field light emitting module and field light emitting device using the same
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July 29, 2005
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February 8, 2007
Yamada Tomohiro
Nakadai Taro
Kawamata Masatoshi
Nishikawa Akihiro
Yoshikawa Yukio
Aoki Kazuo
G09F 13/20
H01L 33/00