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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a film deposition system where, in the case, as masks having different patterns are exchanged, the same or different materials are stacked on a substrate, the masks can be correctly arranged to the substrate with high reproducibility, and the production can be performed at a low cost without enlarging the system itself.SOLUTION: The inside of a film deposition chamber 12 is provided with: an evaporation source 4; a freely rotatable stage 2 where the arrangement of masks each having the same or different pattern is made possible at prescribed intervals on the same circumference; and a carrying means 6 capable of carrying the substrate. By the carrying means, the substrate is positioned on any mask, so as to be installed therein, thereafter, the stage is rotated and is carried to a position corresponding to the evaporation source, and film deposition to the substrate is performed through each mask.

Film deposition system
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April 26, 2005
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November 9, 2006
Kikuchi Naoto
Sotooka Kazuhiko
Yamada Tomohiro
Uchiyama Toyoji
Furuse Harukuni
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial &Amp Technology
Ulvac Japan
C23C 14/24
C23C 14/50