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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a heat treatment furnace capable of uniformizing the temperature of treated objects when cooled even when the internal temperature of the heat treatment chamber is high, and requiring only a small space in the heat treatment chamber.SOLUTION: The heat treatment furnace is provided with a cooling gas inflow port 71 and outflow port 72 in a sidewall part of the heat treatment chamber (a temperature lowering and maintaining chamber 13) provided with a heater 23, and a hearth roll 15 for transferring the treated objects. A treated object holding body 30 holding the treated objects W and covering a through hole 36 with the bottom face part is placed on a tray 35 having the vertically penetrating through hole 36 at the center part and supported by the hearth roll 15. The heat treatment furnace is also provided with a support base 40 having a plane shape fitted with a clearance into the through hole 36, and rotationally driven around a vertical axis and driven to be lifted between a descent position lower than the lower face of the tray 35 supported by the hearth roll 15 and an ascent position projected upward from the upper face of the tray via the through hole 36 of the tray 35 stopped in a predetermined stop position.

Heat treatment furnace
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March 24, 2005
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October 5, 2006
Maeda Atsushi
Inuzuka Shinobu
Hori Satoru
Maruyama Shunsuke
Daido Steel
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