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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To know the content of storage even if the door of a container is closed in a logistics management system of products.SOLUTION: This logistics management system 10 of products comprises the container 20 in which an antenna 26 is disposed, pallets 40 and 41 on which a plurality of toner cartridges 50 and 51 as the products are mounted, radio tags 60 stuck on the pallets 40 and 41, a signal line 28 having one end connected to the antenna 26 and having the other end extracted to the outside of the container 20 and having, at the other end, a connector 30, and a radio transmitting/receiving device 70 detachable from the connector 30. With the door 22 of the container 20 closed, the radio transmitting/receiving device 70 is connected to the signal line 28, the radio transmitting/receiving device communicates with the radio tags 70 through the antenna 26, and reads and re-writes data on the toner cartridges 50 and 51 mounted on the pallets 40 and 41 stored in the radio tags 60.

Logistics management system of products
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March 7, 2005
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September 14, 2006
Kikuchi Hiroshi
Fuji Xerox
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