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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an ultrasonic actuator driving unit which can drive an ultrasonic actuator, detecting the resonance frequency of its oscillator accurately while restraining manufacture cost, using a signal of a rectangular wave as a drive signal, and is consequently efficient, and in which the duration of a battery in the case that the battery is used as a power source is long, and a method of driving the ultrasonic actuator.SOLUTION: This ultrasonic actuator is provided with a drive signal generator 3 which generates a drive signal for driving the ultrasonic oscillator 2A of the ultrasonic actuator 2, a detector 4 which detects the phase difference between a voltage and a current applied to the ultrasonic oscillator 2A, and a controller 5 which controls the frequency of the drive signal generated by the drive signal generator 3 based on the detection result of the detector 4. Moreover, the detector 4 is so constituted as to detect the component of the fundamental frequency of the current applied to the ultrasonic oscillator 2A and to detect the phase difference between the voltage and the current applied to the oscillator based on the fundamental frequency component.

Ultrasonic actuator driving unit and ultrasonic actuator driving method
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February 2, 2005
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August 17, 2006
Matsueda Akira
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