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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pixel circuit capable of canceling the influence of mobility of a drive transistor.SOLUTION: The drive transistor Trd supplies an output current to a light emitting element EL according to an input voltage Vgs for a predetermined light emitting period. The light emitting element EL emit light with brightness proportional to a video signal by the output current supplied from the drive transistor Trd. To offset dependency on the carrier mobility of the output current, the pixel circuit is provided with a correction means for correcting the input voltage Vgs pre-held by a capacitive part Cs before or at the head of the light emitting period. This correction means operates in a part of a sampling period according to the control signals supplied from scanning lines DS, WS, AZ1, and AZ2, and takes out the output current from the drive transistor Trd in the state in which the video signal is being sampled, and negatively feeds back the output current to the capacitive part Cs to correct the input voltage Vgs.

Pixel circuit, display device, and driving method therefor
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February 2, 2005
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August 17, 2006
Uchino Katsuhide
Yamashita Junichi
H01L 51/50
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