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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To perform a driving support of further high level even in a complicated traffic environment such as an intersection or T-shaped intersection.SOLUTION: The traveling state of an own vehicle is detected (steps S1 and S2), and forward obstacle data detected by an obstacle sensor 3, approaching vehicle information acquired from infrastructure facilities arranged in a traveling road by a road-to-vehicle radio device 4, traveling information of vehicles in a vehicle-to-vehicle communication destination, acquired by a vehicle-to-vehicle radio device 5, and the like are read (steps S3 to S5). With respect each detection means of the obstacle sensor 3, the road-to-vehicle radio 4 and the vehicle-to-vehicle radio 5, the sum of a multi-level showing the number of detection means in detection of the same object by different detection means and the reliability set to the detection means which is detecting an object is determined, and a total reliability is determined based on the resulting reliability (step S6). As higher reliability is predicted from the total reliability, driving support of higher level is performed.

Information providing device for vehicle
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January 12, 2005
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July 27, 2006
Takahashi Masaki
Seto Yoji
Tamura Minoru
Yamamura Yoshinori
Nissan Motor
G08G 01/09
G08G 01/16