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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce the power consumption of a position detection device born by a user or mounted in a vehicle, and used for checking the whereabouts of an old person or a child, or for searching a stolen vehicle by transmitting the result of the positioning with GPS to a management center etc. through cellular phone network.SOLUTION: The positioning device 1 elongates the positioning interval by determining that the device is in a stationary state if no change in the waiting base station has been happening, in achieving the saving of the consumption power of GPS positioning means which consumes significant electric power. Also if the GPS reception is incapable, the positioning is stopped. On the other hand, if something has happened in the base station, the regular positioning is performed under the determination that the device is in moving state. Consequently, the power consumption is further saved by using the results of communication to the base station which is remarkably small in power consumption instead of using the results of GPS positioning itself in the determination of the moving of the position detecting device.

Method and device for position detection
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November 30, 2004
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June 15, 2006
Kawamoto Kazuhiro
Koyama Masaki
Okuno Kenji
Tsujimoto Ikuo
Fukuda Masahito
Suzuki Junichi
Honda Kazuhiro
Sakamoto Koji
Matsushita Electric Works
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