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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce a frequency of maintenance of grease supply in such a way that grease is made to be spread well between a sliding surface and a circumferential flat surface of slider if a rotating base rotates frequently.SOLUTION: The rotating base comprises an earthed fixing base 1, and a movable base 2 supported to the fixing base 1 in such a state that it can rotate, in which an apparatus is installed. A plurality of sliders S are prepared, on the movable base 2, along a circumference of the fixing base 1 centered by a rotation center of this movable base 2, and slide in a manner of contact on a circumferential flat surface 11 to which grease is adhered. A plurality of the sliders S comprises: a supporting slider 40 having a sliding surface 41 sliding on the circumferential flat surface 11; and a collecting slider 50 which has a groove 54 facing to the circumferential flat surface 11 and prepared along sliding direction, and sliding surfaces 51 prepared by sandwiching this groove 54 and sliding on the circumferential flat surface 11 simultaneously, and provides a pair of projections 55 collecting the grease on the circumferential flat surface 11 to the groove 54.

Rotating base for apparatus
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October 25, 2004
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May 11, 2006
Kikuchi Yoshinori
Chiba Yasuhiro
Hosoya Satoyuki
Shinko Seisakusho
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F16C 33/10
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